The District Bistro & Wine Shop - a full service restaurant serving lunch and dinner in downtown Sandpoint, Idaho

Cuisine & Our HIstory

We moved to 313 N 1st and opened our Boutique, Wine Bar, Chocolate Bar...but then COVID hit. Those were scary times, not sure if we were going to be able to make it. People would stop by to say hello but always said, "I don't need to buy anything because we aren't going anywhere." Hmmm....

Well that was an eye opener! Maybe we should create an event so they have someplace to go! We started having catered wine dinners and boy were they a hit! One thing led to another and we decided we better start serving our own food if we wanted to be profitable. Many don't know that we had a lot of restaurant experience, so we went for it! And of course it goes from there.

We are now a full service restaurant serving lunch and dinner. We have such fabulous wines that are not available in the grocery store so decided we should have a wine shop and introduce people to wines they can't find anywhere else. (PS: We have sampled them all ourselves! They had to earn a place on our shelves :-) We have moved on from the boutique sadly...but happily to allow for more specialty foods, gifts and books throughout the store! There is something for everyone!!! Stay tuned as we continue to develop our fun and exciting location. PS you will find by far, "The best food in Sandpoint!" - C. Judd

Our Wine Shop

wines from all over the world

The District offers a large variety of unique wines from all over the world and varietals that are hard to find. We have a very broad selection of wines that are not available anywhere else. Every wine has passed the "taste test" and have earned their place on our shelves. We add new wines all the time and occasionally offer 3 oz pours or full glasses without having to purchase the entire bottle. Have a question? We are happy to help.

Have a special request - We will find it for you and always at a good price!

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A look behind the scenes

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Fresh ingredients

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Chef's specialties

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